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My name is Shelley, I'm a passionate yoga teacher in beautiful Calgary.  When I first enrolled in a yoga teacher training it was not to become a yoga teacher, but to deepen my understanding of this ancient art, and the balance it brought to my life. Through the training, my desire to share yoga grew, changing my course dramatically. I am now a full time yoga instructor and endless student.
When I am not on my mat, I often escape the city to Kananaskis, passing the sunlight hours away surrounded by the abundant and healing power of nature. It is these beautiful surroundings and my desire to share wellness that has inspired me to plan this amazing day for a second time!
Did you know that there are additional benefits to enjoying yoga outdoors!? 
Crazy right?? Yet another way to make yoga better for you! Practicing outdoors not only allows you to soak in some vitamin D - proven to lift a persons mood- but also helps to develop focus! By practicing in an uncontrolled environment you open to your surroundings, establish presence and create 
"By putting your body into the shape of a tree or a stretching cat, by exploring the graceful wingspan of a bird or the fluidity of the Sun Salute, by breathing with the same cyclical sense as the tides or with an ocean sound, you evoke a sense of harmony, timelessness, and connection to the universe," says Jane Jarecki, a Kripalu Yoga teacher at Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga.
The word 'Yoga' translates to  "union". Union with nature, the universe, with yourself. Break free from routine and enjoy this day that is guaranteed to be fun and leave you feeling a little lighter, rejuvenated and free!
Bring your Mat, Lunch, water and leave the rest to me! 

The Plan!

July 13th , 2019

11:00am - Meet @ Barrier Dam Trail Head
Saturday July 13th 2019 - head out on trail
12:00pm - Arrive in the yoga area, next to Barrier Lake
12:10pm - Enjoy a fun and interactive
yoga practice (approx. 60 min) 
1:15pm -2:30pm - Savor lunch in the
grass or on the rocky beach, wander
around and snap some photos! 
2:30pm -  wander back to vehicles in parking lot along the Barrier Lake shoreline.
3:30pm - arrive back at vehicles
*~ please note times are approximate~*
Barrier Dam is approximately 1 hour from Calgary
This hike and yoga adventure is suitable to all levels and ages!!!
No previous experience in Hiking or Yoga required! 
Should you wish to partake and desire to car pool (offer or enjoy) please email shelley@empoweredlifeyyc.ca