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Shelley Bishop came to yoga as a means for escaping her busy and hectic          lifestyle.  As a single mother of two beautiful girls and a demanding career in corporate account management and sales Shelley felt disconnected from her self, her daughters and the day today ongoing’s of her life.  Her yoga practice started in the hot room, Vinyasa flow style. “I loved to sweat, to feel the burning away of my daily challenges, it was in these classes where I first became curious about what the teachers were actually talking about between the poses. I could feel the shift in my attitude and awareness between when I first landed on my mat and when I left the studio.”


In 2012, Shelley embarked on her first teacher training to better understand Yoga’s effects for herself. She emerged 200 hours and 8 months later a yoga teacher; passionate about sharing yoga and it’s transformative powers. Since then, while she still enjoys the odd heated vinyasa class, her focus has shifted to empowering others in cultivating their own self awareness and limitless power.  In this ongoing and transformative self journey; one that has made bringing wellness to others it’s primary destination- Shelley has completed a second 200 hour Training with anatomy Guru Danielle Pechie, a Yoga Nidra training to better understand the metaphysical powers we can harness, Pre and Post natal training  with Guru and child birth educator Amy Bidrman and full Critical Alignment Therapy certification with creator of this method Gert Van Leeuwen from Amsterdam. Shelley has also been certified in Reiki, energetic healing.

Shelley now spends all of her time teaching and sharing yoga and meditation or with her daughters. She runs many classes weekly focused on developing strength and eliminating strain from the body and mind.