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Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga is a fun, and active style of yoga where we explore strength, flexibility and mobility! Connect body, breath, and mind as you create some balance, increase self awareness, develop focus and improve productivity with any tasks you take on! In yoga we learn to eliminate our distractions, whether that is pain, stiffness, or weakness in the body, chaos in the mind, or low energy because of these distractions, lack of sleep, poor breath/posture habits! Yoga has been proven to help with all of these ailments, leading to better focus, energy and a better, more balanced life! 


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Beginner Yoga

Beginner  Yoga incorporates Traditional yoga movements with a portion of the practice dedicated to Critical Alignment Therapy.  Together these two styles work to create flexibility and mobility in the body, while creating a subtle strength to support positive movement chains. The class is guaranteed to leave you feeling amazing, grounded and connected. Enjoy better sleep, focus and clarity by adding yoga to your  week!  


Critical Alignment Therapy

Critical Alignment Therapy is a European movement therapy design to eliminate or greatly reduce immobility in the body. As the students use their own movement and specialized props to create these openings - resulting in the sense of more spaciousness and ease in the body - the body habitually develops better movement patterns as well as the strength and coordination to support improved movement. The end result is a sense of more spaciousness and ease in the body and sustainable movement so pain and immobility is unlikely to return.