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What is Advance your Asana??

Through my countless teaching opportunities, I have noticed a gap between teachers and student in large group and drop in classes. Students often aren't 100% they are even doing the postures right, or are unsure of how to go deeper, or try something a little harder and end up feeling stuck! As teachers, we assist where we see a need with verbal or physical adjustments; but the truth is unless you've spoken to us we have no clue what YOU want to work on! 
 Often teachers don't want to come across too pushy or over correcting and in these drop in classes, we often don't even know if it is your 5th class or your 50th! The last thing any yoga teacher wants to do is make someone feel like they can't do yoga, for it really is for every body, every level and more people doing more yoga will lead down some pretty cool paths! 
ADVANCE YOUR ASANA is an opportunity to get yourself into a smaller class size, at an affordable price tag!! Just by signing up, know but also expand upon any base into more challenging postures - binds, inversions, backbends and more!  If you are looking to further your practice, and open to receiving verbal and physical adjustments. We will not only enjoy 'everyday postures' like warrior two, or three,

Why This class is Perfect for you now!

Advance you Asana Summer Session is an amazing time to to turn Summers added energy directly onto yourself, self care and growth! With two classes weekly, one dedicated towards Core Stability & Strength and the other to Arm Balances & Inversions, you can grow your practice the way you want, commit to all in one style, mix and match in both class styles, or drop in on the days that work for you.* 
Advance your Asana is guaranteed to meet you where you are at, and allow you to bring some serious substance to the Mat! Feel supported and confident enough to grow your practice and take it into any studio, any class. Develope a home practice if desired, and begin to enrich your physical practice with a greater understanding of the philosophy, breath work, or more. 

Think you're ready to rise to the Challenge?? 

Commit to your practice
September 22 - October 27th 2019
Sunday's 3:15 - 4:15pm
September 24 - October 27th 2019
Tuesday's 6:15pm - 715pm
commit more and save more!! 
6 classes: $20/class 
Queensland Private Studio
Can only commit to a few? 
Partial registration: 
Drop In: $25
2-3 pre-registered classes: $22/class 
Teacher must be notified prior to attendance due to space